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Everyone will have experience with an overdose – from personal experience, work, or other sources. Some knowledge about how to respond may be incorrect, take more time, and can cause harm.

What is

Naloxone is an injectable medication that can reverse respiratory system depression caused by opiate overdose, so the person can breathe normally and regain consciousness. Naloxone does not work for overdoses such as cocaine, ecstasy, GHB or alcohol. However, if an overdose involves multiple substances including opioids, naloxone will help by temporarily taking the opioid out of the equation. Naloxone is also known by the trade name Narcan®.

Take Home Kits

Most pain medications are opiate or opiate derivatives. Opiates can cause severe, and sometimes fatal, depression of the respiratory system when taken in large doses, when mixed with other depressants or when a user’s usual tolerance has been compromised. Knowing how to respond to an opiate overdose, whether for prescription or illicit drugs, can save a life.
Take Home Naloxone (THN) programs provide naloxone to people who use opioids (legally prescribed or illegally obtained) and are at risk of an overdose.
It is not intended to replace emergency care or minimize the importance of calling 911. But because 85% of overdoses happen within the company of others, having Naloxone offers the opportunity to save a life and reduce harms related to the overdose while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

Opioid overdose Antidote 

Unintentional deaths from opioid overdose are preventable with overdose and naloxone education.
Naloxone, or Narcan®, is a pure opioid antagonist which will quickly reverse life-threatening respiratory depression of opioids to restore breathing, usually in 2-5 minutes. Naloxone is not a controlled substance, it cannot be abused, and in the absence of narcotics has no pharmacological activity. Research has shown having naloxone available does not increase risk taking behavior. Naloxone is a safe drug with minimal side effects, even less than an epi-pen.

free kits available at our clinic

We encourage all opiate dependent patients, their family members, and their friends to have a Naloxone Take Home Kit. A kit is available free at ICDO to all those that want one.
If you would like to participate in this program, please contact ICDO at 778-471-6488

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